In Cyberpunk 2077, the Night City Police Department (Night City PD) plays a vital role in shaping the gameplay experience. The game developers have designed various mechanics to make interactions with the police both realistic and engaging. This blog post breaks down these features, explaining what happens when players engage in illegal activities and how the police respond.

The Core Mechanics of Night City PD

Night City PD has a streamlined approach to dealing with criminal activity. Whether you’re involved in hacking, theft, or violent crimes, the system is designed for clarity and a seamless gameplay loop.

Heat Levels

When a player commits a crime, they will be notified via the game’s User Interface (UI). A ‘Heat’ meter will indicate the level of police attention the player is drawing. The higher the Heat level, the more aggressive and persistent the law enforcement response.

Max Tac Mini-Boss

If players reach the maximum Heat level, a special event is triggered. Players will then face a Max Tac mini-boss, which comes in different variations to keep the combat challenging and engaging.

Fleeing the Scene

Alternatively, players may choose to flee the crime scene. In this scenario, the game introduces dynamic car chases and roadblocks, adding an additional layer of excitement and unpredictability to the escape.

Natural and Intuitive NPC Behavior

One of the aspects that sets Night City PD apart is the realistic behavior of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). Once players have successfully evaded the police or served their time, NPCs will disperse from the crime scene in a manner that feels natural and intuitive.

Updates on Police Aggression

Although recent updates have made the police in Night City more aggressive, this is not intended to dissuade players from engaging in illegal activities. Instead, the goal is to make these interactions a “fun, meaningful experience.”


The law enforcement system in Cyberpunk 2077 is built to be both realistic and engaging. With various options at hand when committing crimes, players can choose to face the consequences head-on or try to escape them, each leading to a distinct gameplay experience. The continuous updates and realistic NPC behavior make the interaction with Night City PD one of the unique aspects of the game.

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