Hello Guys as you know how long we have been waiting for cyberpunk 2077, but for the PS4 base model and Xbox One it is very sad news that it has that graphics and lots of glitches with it, due to which People are worried even Sony and Xbox one have promised to refund.

Cyberpunk 2077 had release a Patch since its launch. This Patch also did not solve the problems of PS4 and Xbox One. There are still a lot of problems due to which people are very upset.

Seeing all these flaws, Sony and X-Box have decided that they will return the money to users.

Just now Cyberpunk has made an announcement that it will launch a Patch in January, after which it will launch in February, which may make the game playable on PS4 and Xbox One without interruption and Crashes.

Let’s see how we can put refund request to Sony.

With Sony, we can get game refund that we have purchase digital.

Click on this link for the request to get a refund from Sony. Sony has a condition that they will refund the game money only to those people who have not done the recording and have not done streaming on any platform only if you can create a request for refund otherwise your request Will be rejected.

If you have not recorded and stream, then you can put a refund request on Sony for that you will have to talk in chat support in which you have to tell that I want this refund, since then that request will be processed and that Will check if you have saved or streamed gameplay or not. If you are absolutely clean then your request will be approved and you will get the entire amount in refund otherwise you will not get a refund and that request reject.

Let’s see how we can put refund request to X-box.

To get a refund from X-box, you have to pay attention that you should have to create a refund request within 14 days of the purchase date if your purchase date is more than 14 days, then you cannot get a refund, and this Only for the digital version.

Click on this link for the request to get the refund from X-box.

For the physical version, you have to go to the retail shop and talk to them, I do not want the game, you keep it. Hey, I am kidding, nothing is going to happen and you will not get any refund for the physical copy.

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