Last of Us PC Players Experience Hour-Long Loading Times: Is There a Fix?

Last of Us PC Players Experience Hour-Long Loading Times

Last of Us PC Players Experience Hour-Long Loading Times: Is There a Fix?

PC gaming has always been a preferred platform for gamers, thanks to its flexibility, better graphics, and more immersive gameplay. With the release of the critically acclaimed game, “The Last of Us,” many PC players were excited to experience the game on their platform of choice. However, some players are reporting hour-long loading times, rendering the game unplayable. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind this issue and possible fixes.

Understanding the Issue

The Last of Us is a demanding game that requires a powerful system to run smoothly. However, some PC players are experiencing extreme loading times, which can range from 45 minutes to over an hour. The game’s loading times are much longer than expected, even with a high-end system. Players are frustrated as they cannot start or continue their gameplay, leading to a negative gaming experience.

Causes of Long Loading Times

Several factors contribute to the Last of Us PC loading time issue. One reason is the game’s optimisation, which may not be fully optimised for PC systems. This can cause the game to load slower than usual, resulting in long waiting times. Another reason is the storage type of the system. Those with older hard disk drives (HDD) may experience more extended loading times than those with newer solid-state drives (SSD).

Potential Fixes

There are several solutions to this problem. The first is to optimise the game settings. Lowering the graphics settings and turning off unnecessary visual effects can reduce the game’s demand on the system, resulting in faster load times. Updating the graphics driver can also help as newer drivers are often optimised for specific games.

Another solution is to switch from an HDD to an SSD. Solid-state drives are faster than HDDs, resulting in faster load times for the game. However, this solution requires hardware upgrades, which can be expensive. Players can also try closing unnecessary programs or applications to free up system resources, allowing the game to run smoothly.

Feedback from the Gaming Community

Many players have expressed their frustration with the long loading times, taking to social media platforms to voice their concerns. Some have suggested that the game’s developers, Naughty Dog, should release an update to address the issue. Others have stated that the issue is not widespread, and only a few players are experiencing long load times.


In conclusion, the Last of Us PC loading time issue is frustrating for players, and there are several reasons why this is happening. Players can try various fixes, including optimising the game settings, upgrading to an SSD, or closing unnecessary programs. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the system meets the game’s minimum requirements to avoid such issues. While Naughty Dog has not yet released an official statement regarding the problem, we can hope that they will address the issue soon.

As a final note, it’s worth highlighting that PC gaming can be challenging, as different systems may have varying levels of performance. Therefore, it’s essential to research a game’s requirements before purchasing and installing it on the system to avoid any performance-related issues.

Overall, with the right hardware and optimisation, The Last of Us can be a fantastic gaming experience on PC. However, for those experiencing long loading times, it’s essential to try out the suggested solutions or reach out to Naughty Dog’s customer support for assistance.

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