In the dynamic world of gaming, keeping up with the latest advancements is essential. Recently, Microsoft has given Xbox aficionados something to look forward to, with the revelation of a new controller in their already diverse lineup. This detailed blog post will walk you through every facet of this development, from the design elements to the pricing structure.

A New Addition to the Xbox Controller Family

Microsoft continues its legacy of providing gamers with a range of controller options since the launch of the Xbox Series X/S consoles back in 2020. Adding a new dimension to their existing lineup, Microsoft has introduced the Astral Purple Xbox Wireless Controller. Like its predecessors, this controller is compatible with both console and PC gaming platforms and is available for pre-order right away.

Design and Features of the Astral Purple Xbox Controller

Standing out with its dark purple and black color scheme complemented by a white rear, the Astral Purple Xbox Controller embodies a sleek yet familiar design. Its form is a slight departure from the Xbox One controllers, featuring subtle changes in shape and the important addition of a Share button. This new button facilitates quick screenshot or video capture, although users need to be cautious to avoid accidental activations.

Despite the fresh coat of paint, the Astral Purple Controller maintains the core features beloved by Xbox enthusiasts, without introducing any groundbreaking changes. Scheduled for a September 19 launch, this controller promises to be a trendy addition to any gaming setup. At a reasonable price point of $64.99, it makes for an attractive choice for those looking to expand their collection of controllers.

Broadening Your Choices with Special Edition and Customizable Controllers

The unveiling of the Astral Purple Controller marks yet another milestone in the expanding portfolio of Xbox Series X/S controller variants. Currently, the market offers seven different color options for the basic model, with special edition controllers making appearances from time to time. These exclusive editions often bear unique designs or thematic elements promoting various events or products.

Furthermore, for gamers unsatisfied with the available options or seeking a more personalized touch, the Xbox Design Lab stands as a beacon of customization. This platform enables players to craft controllers to their liking, selecting preferred colors and even adding personalized text. A noteworthy recent development is the inclusion of Xbox Elite Controllers in the customization lineup, providing a broader spectrum of choices for gaming aficionados.

Xbox Elite Controllers: A Premium Choice for the Dedicated Gamer

For individuals who are new to the gaming realm, an explanation of the Xbox Elite Controllers is warranted. Representing the pinnacle of gaming accessories, these controllers cater specifically to the hardcore gaming community. Equipped with a myriad of additional features, these controllers carry a premium price tag, promising an enhanced gaming experience for those willing to invest. In comparison, the soon-to-be-launched Astral Purple Controller stands as a more budget-friendly option, retailing at $64.99, and offering a balance between cost and functionality.


As we anticipate the launch of the new Astral Purple Xbox Controller, it’s clear that Microsoft continues to prioritize variety and customization in its offerings. Whether you’re drawn to the stylish new controller or prefer crafting a personalized piece through the Xbox Design Lab, the opportunities to enhance your gaming experience are ever-growing. Keep abreast of the latest developments in the gaming world, and stay tuned for more detailed updates on gaming accessories and advancements.

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