New Nintendo Direct Coming Later This Month?

Nintendo Direct

New Nintendo Direct Coming Later This Month?

A new Nintendo is coming already? This has been the talk of the town, and rumours have to say every possibility they think. Well, there is a possibility of a New Nintendo coming this month or the next? We have everything to cover

The following showcase can happen this month, but a particular statement is not being given yet. A rumoured date, the 29th of June, has been circulated all over the web. Before this, when a viewer asked for confirmation, it was answered that this was a probable date.

The person named Pearce is the one who said this date. This wasn’t exactly a leak because Nintendo didn’t make an official statement for this. However, Pearce has claimed that this date has been taken from what is being told to VGC. The most recent edition seen by gaming lovers was in February, which introduced games like Xenoblade, Nintendo Switch Sport and Chronicles 3.

The story doesn’t end here. Not only Pearce but Blizzard has also revealed their recent showcase Overwatch 2 will be now on PC. However, this announcement says that the console will have a switch.

Comicbook will also be releasing their new version of Nintendo with advanced technology, mechanics and global manufacturing.

A new live stream or what? Our hearts are pleased now. Recently gaming and gaming events have been held on a large scale. And the revelation of another Nintendo would be a celebration indeed.

Many people believe Pearce as she seems to be a reliable source of information. Being a former gaming journalist, she has an optimum knowledge of the gaming world and upcoming Nintendos, maybe? Leaks are often made to make people aware and excited about things; however, the rumours can have the truth covered, so it’s very much possible for this to be real.

What is Nintendo?

For those who don’t know what Nintendo is, Nintendo is a Tokyo-based gaming company developing video games and consoles. It has gained a considerable following, an international leader with a massive craze for its games. They are known for their hardware and software in gaming. These games are family-friendly and fun to play, along with games for hardcore gamers.

Some articles also say we won’t get any E3 this year. However, Sony and Microsoft have shown us this year. This shows the reason that Nintendo could do it too. Nintendo would show off several games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Still, we do not know the release date of the indie game, but it will probably be released within the next 12 months.


From the talks and checking on the internet, Nintendo has so far no intentions to give us something new. But this doesn’t mean that it’s never going to arrive. Showcase of new games and rumours around it seem just rumours for now. For a valid confirmation, Nintendo has to make an official statement which will grab attention instantly, and the gaming world will get a new showcase to look forward to.


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