Baldur’s Gate 3, developed by Larian Studios, recently rolled out Patch 2—a significant update focusing on game optimization, bug fixes, and feature improvements. This article dives deep into the patch, outlining the changes and their implications for players.

Optimization and Performance Upgrades

Patch 2 primarily aims to improve the game’s performance, especially in Act 3, which has been plagued with execution issues. Optimization upgrades were a significant focus, designed to enhance the overall experience and minimize crashes that have been frequent in previous versions.

User Interface and Controller Accessibility

Larian Studios is also turning its attention to user accessibility. With Patch 2, players will notice a more intuitive and manageable user interface (UI). Moreover, the patch also focuses on controller accessibility, making it easier for console players to navigate the game’s extensive options.

Quality-of-Life Features

Enhancements are not restricted to performance and UI alone. Patch 2 introduces “Withers’ Wardrobe of Wayward Friends,” a new feature that allows players to dismiss multiplayer characters temporarily. This is especially useful for players who wish to continue a save game without their friends’ characters in the party.

Expanded Dialogues and Epilogues

One of the intriguing updates in Patch 2 is the expansion of dialogue and epilogues, starting with the character Karlach. Given that the game’s endings have been one of its few criticized aspects, Larian Studios aims to improve them. The studio has even hinted at bringing back some actors for additional recording sessions, promising more satisfying epilogues for other characters in the near future.

Managing Save Files

The new patch has also made it easier to manage save files, reducing their size and streamlining the process of managing old saves. New filters and UI options further simplify inventory and character management, enhancing the player experience.

Timeliness of Updates

The rapid deployment of Patch 2 is noteworthy, coming just a week after Patch 1. This swift update cycle demonstrates Larian Studios’ commitment to continually improve the game, ensuring that players have the best experience possible.

Spoiler Alert

It’s crucial to note that the full patch notes released by Larian Studios contain spoilers. Players who wish to avoid storyline spoilers should exercise caution while perusing them.


Patch 2 is a substantial update for Baldur’s Gate 3 that addresses several key areas—from performance and UI improvements to quality-of-life features. With this patch, Larian Studios is taking a step forward in polishing the game and enhancing the player experience, particularly regarding story endings. The speed with which these updates are rolling out signifies the studio’s dedication to delivering a seamless and engaging gaming experience.

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