Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Unveiling The Details of the Latest Update

The world of gaming is constantly evolving, bringing enhancements and improvements that redefine the gaming experience. A prime example of this evolution is seen in the latest updates made to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Let us delve deeply into each aspect of the recent updates that have been introduced to enhance the overall gaming experience for both console and PC users.

Enhanced Performance on Consoles: A Shift to Solid 60 FPS

The game developers at Respawn have taken a significant step in elevating the gaming experience on consoles. The performance mode has undergone a complete overhaul, promising players a smooth and immersive gaming journey. Specifically, this update ensures a steady 60 frames per second (FPS) performance, provided the ray tracing feature is disabled. This adjustment aims to offer a seamless and highly responsive gaming environment, ensuring that players can engage in gameplay without experiencing any lag or stutters, thereby providing a fluid and dynamic gaming experience.

Moreover, a notable addition is the optimization of the quality mode. This particular facet is designed to curtail FPS fluctuations, which have been a persistent issue in the past. Besides stabilizing the frame rate, it brings forth other visual enhancements that contribute to a more vivid and aesthetically pleasing gaming environment. This steady frame rate, combined with the visual improvements, aims to deliver a gaming experience that is both visually appealing and technically sound.

Variable Refresh Rate on PS5: Supporting a Smooth Gaming Experience

A vital component of the update is the introduction of the variable refresh rate feature on the PlayStation 5. This feature is instrumental in synchronizing the frame rate of the game with the refresh rate of the display. By facilitating this synchronization, it mitigates issues like screen tearing, which can be a significant distraction during gameplay. Therefore, PS5 users can look forward to a smoother and more immersive gaming experience, free of visual disruptions, enhancing the overall quality of gameplay on this console.

NVIDIA DLSS Support on PC: Paving the Way for Higher Graphical Settings

For PC users, the update brings the much-anticipated support for NVIDIA DLSS, a groundbreaking technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to upscale the resolution of PC games. This technology enables players to enjoy higher graphical settings without compromising on the frame rates. Essentially, it allows for a richer visual experience, with intricate details and sharp images, without taxing the system excessively. This balance between high-quality visuals and optimal frame rates is crucial in providing a superior gaming experience, allowing players to immerse themselves fully in the vibrant and detailed world of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

A Journey of Continuous Improvement: Addressing Initial Setbacks

It is worth noting that, despite a delay of six weeks for polishing and refining the game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor faced a challenging launch in April with several significant bugs and performance issues. However, it has undergone a series of updates in the subsequent four months, showcasing Respawn’s commitment to enhancing the gaming experience.

Despite these initial challenges, the game has managed to carve a successful path, with strong reviews and a robust commercial performance. Respawn has demonstrated a proactive approach in addressing the various issues that emerged at launch, working diligently to rectify them through consistent updates. This journey illustrates the continuous efforts being made to elevate the gaming experience to meet and exceed player expectations.


In conclusion, the latest update to Star Wars Jedi Survivor stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment to deliver an enriched gaming experience. Whether you are a console user enjoying a smoother gameplay with stabilized frame rates or a PC user reveling in enhanced graphics facilitated by NVIDIA DLSS support, this update promises a more immersive and enjoyable gaming journey. For further information and a detailed breakdown of the updates, interested individuals can refer to the full patch notes available on EA’s website.

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