The Award-Winning Franchise Skate is Back After 12 Years

Skate 4

The Award-Winning Franchise Skate is Back After 12 Years

Skate is the video game franchise released in the year 2007 by EA Games for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The spin-off of Skate was initially believed to be a rumor. However, EA has confirmed the development of Skate 4.  It was previously available on Wii, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. The announcement of an upcoming Skate game in 2020, has left fans delighted. Skate 4 is being announced after a 12-year wait, and players are excited. EA (Electronic Arts) is working hard on this new sequel and claims to be the best version of Skate. 

Background of Skate:

Skate is a realistic skateboarding game where skaters try each other’s tricks to achieve a higher level. In the process, one player is eliminated. The game is inspired by H.O.R.S.E. A player must select a skateboarding trick that should land perfectly. Another player will set a trick in line in case the board does not rotate. If an offensive player uses these tricks, they cannot use another trick within the same line. Also, everything should work on the first try. During succession, the player whose trick lands in the right place gets a point, while the player who missed it gets 5 changes according to the work SKATE. If players miss all five tricks, the game will be over.

Players cannot use the same trick more than once in a similar game. The last person surviving in landing the tricks successfully will be declared the winner. 

Thrilling Rules:

The rules of Skate keep players engaged and focused throughout the game. Skate uses the slightly altered rules from the Battle at the Berrics. Following are a few rules crucial to winning the game:

  •  The player’s feet should never touch the ground. All manual fights are strictly prohibited which means you cannot grab, plant hands, or punch another player.
  •  The last letter from the word SKATE i.e. ‘E’ gets two tries.
  •  The offensive toe drag will be allowed a second chance, and the defensive toe drag will be counted as an error.
  •  If the player’s trick isn’t popped out but he still lands, then the trick will be counted as errorless. 

The popularity of Skate has made the game a cult and has been a favorite for both skateboarders and non-skateboarders. Also, it is an award-winning video game franchise. 

Official Statements: 

Andrew Wilson, the CEO, stated regarding Skate’s performance, “Certainly there is a lot of demand for that product and we’re excited about what that can be. There’s a whole new world that we’re hoping to unlock with Skate, that extends well beyond just creating a skateboarding game”. He commented that the new Skate 4 will be more advanced and engaging.

EA Studio’s boss Laura Miele speaks about the series’ renewal and says, “Skate 4 was just revealed at the end of EA Play, which has been the most significant request from fans for the past decade. We are listening.” Well, undoubtedly, the fans have waited for the new series with bated breath. 

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