In recent years, the eSports landscape has witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity, with Valorant notably emerging as a frontrunner since its inception in June 2020. The gaming community is witnessing daily player counts scaling new heights, reflecting the global acclaim and enthusiastic participation Valorant has garnered. Recognizing this trajectory, Riot Games has intensified its efforts to nurture the burgeoning competitive scene at the grassroots level. This commitment is evidently reflected in the recent unveiling of Premier Mode, a notable feature in the forthcoming Episode 7 Act II.

This announcement closely follows the thrilling conclusion of the Valorant Champions tournament hosted in Los Angeles, where Evil Geniuses triumphed over Paper Rex in a grand finale that held spectators spellbound. If this tournament served to fuel the fervor for the game, the latest update promises to rejuvenate the enthusiasm manifold, beckoning gamers to strive for supremacy in this newly introduced competitive arena.

Valorant Premier Mode: A Pathway to Valorant Champions Tour?

Riot Games elucidates that the nascent Premier Mode is designed to foster a vibrant competitive ecosystem where players globally can assemble their teams and engage in weekly matches on specified maps. This system holds the promise of leveling the playing field, offering every player – regardless of their geographical location – an equal shot at ascending to the top tiers or catching the eye of scouts from established teams.

More than mere conjecture, Riot Games affirmatively foresees this Premier Mode evolving as a crucial pathway for gamers aspiring to advance into the higher echelons of competitive play, notably the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers leagues. This progression system is structured to align with the duration of an Act, facilitating players to monitor their advancement seamlessly and strategize accordingly.

A Boon for Emerging eSports Regions

The Premier Mode seems poised to be a transformative addition, especially for burgeoning eSports arenas like India. As the nation witnesses an upward surge in eSports engagement, this game mode could potentially serve as a platform for aspirants from smaller towns to demonstrate their prowess and vie against the crème de la crème of the gaming sphere.

This initiative by Riot Games is anticipated to resonate well, potentially catalyzing a paradigm shift in how talent is nurtured and recognized at the grassroots level in the eSports sector globally. It stands as a promising venture, fostering inclusivity and opening avenues for fresh talent to flourish and make their mark in the competitive gaming world.


As Valorant continues to solidify its status as a globally celebrated eSports title, the introduction of Premier Mode marks a significant milestone in fostering a more inclusive and competitive gaming environment. This initiative reflects Riot Games’ commitment to nurturing talent at the grassroots level, offering players from diverse regions an equal footing to climb the ladder of success.

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