Playstation 5 will launch in 2 February 2021 and Pre order will start from 12 January at 12pm IST.

PlayStation launch date and pre order information revealed on Twitter.

You can pre order or buy on 12 January from Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Reliance Digital Games the Shop, Sony Store and Vijay Sales.

As you know, a Delhi man bought the trademark of PlayStation 5, due to which PlayStation 5 is being launched so late. There is no news as yet how Sony has got rid of this problem. As you know, PlayStation 12 Novembar was launched, now it is being launched in India. Many gamers were quite upset that the PlayStation is being launched in India so late.

According to a report, 3.2 million consoles were sold in 1 month. Which has become the best selling record till date. Now it is going to be launched in India too, it is expected that the PlayStation 5 console will sell well here.

How much money will playstation 5 get in india

As you know PlayStation 5 is launching 2 version.

Digital Edition:

The first edition of PlayStation 5 is Digital Edition in which you can not play games with any Blu-ray disc, it does not have any Blu-ray disc reader which means that you will have to purchase all game digits. For the digital edition, you can buy games from Sony Play Store where you will get all the games. When the film is launched, the price of both the games Blu-ray discs and digital edition games is the same, then you will not be in any dilemma that you will find the games expensive or cheap. The Digital Edition of the PS5 will cost Rs. 39,990. If your budget is a little less and you have to buy a PlayStation 5, then I will recommend that you can buy a digital edition of PlayStation 5. It has many benefits such as Sony PlayStation keeps launching a sales every month, in which you will get many such There are games that are available at cheap prices that you cannot find in Blu ray disc. But there is also a problem that you will need good broadband because you will have to download the entire game that is through the internet, as you know that there have been many games that are 100 GB games. This may be a problem for you. If you do not have good internet, please do not buy this digital edition because you will have to download the entire game through the internet and there is no way to play the game.

Standard Edition:

PlayStation 5 is also being launched in Standard Edition priced at Rs. 49,990. The only difference in the standard edition is that it has a blue ray disc reader in which you can buy a physical disk and install the game and play it.

Let us see how the PlayStation 5 is going on in India and how much people like it.