Steam Deck Outdate Approach Ruined Nintendo Directs

Steam Deck

Steam Deck Outdate Approach Ruined Nintendo Directs

About Steam Deck:

A handheld console that allows the installation of steam games is called Steam Deck. Over the years, players discovered some techniques that would ensure they play other games as well. They successfully figured out the way to make most of Steam Deck. Now, they can install several games other than steam ones and play from Origin.

One must install an emulator to use Steam Deck. There are various emulators available such as Ryujinx Emulator, Yuzu Emulator, Cemu, and RPCS3. Moreover, the widely installed emulators for Steam Deck are Ryujinx and Yuzu. Although Runijunx is not the official emulator, players still prefer to install it from Discover Software Store. You can save Ryujinx as a non-steam game in the library. This will allow you to play Nintendo games through Ryujinx at 30fps.

Another great emulator to use on your switch is Yuzu. You have to install the Yuzu similarly to Ryujinx. It is not available on Discover Software Store, so the only alternative to installing it is from the website.

Why owning a Steam deck has become troublesome and less exciting?

The reason is the long wait people have to do for the game. Players have to wait for the game to arrive on the PC first and then months later, it would stream on Steam Deck. The continuous cycle of making people wait reduces the excitement. It even decreases the quality of the Nintendo Switch’s presentation. The scenario before was different and people didn’t have access to many sources. However, in recent years, things have changed.

Earlier, the Nintendo Direct had the best presentation style. The announcements of new games and trailers were always the package of great visuals, mind-blowing animations and graphics, and engaging music. As publishers moved away from live events, they too had to change their approach. Now, games that are emerging on the handheld PC that is no different than the Switch. The cheaper version of games is available on PC and it releases before which has eliminated the excitement of people to play games on Switch.

Disadvantages of Steam Deck:

Let’s look at the reasons why the popularity and excitement among the fans regarding Steam Deck is disappearing:

  1. Today, people prefer to play games on their PC rather than on Nintendo Directs because it is cheaper and easily available. Therefore, they don’t have any reason to be excited or even wait for games to be released on Steam Deck.
  2. It is not something new that the Steam Deck device is heavier. It becomes problematic for players to use it as a handheld regularly.
  3. The software on Steam Desk is buggy and lags a lot. It could not garner more positive reviews for the same.
  4. The handheld only has 40W of battery which doesn’t last very long.

Final Words

If we talk about today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, games like Nier Automata or Portal arrived as a PC version first and then on Switch. Switch users assume themselves as latecomers who could not get access to games early. Even the Persona 5 Royal was released on PC and Xbox before Switch.

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