PUBG is the most played battle royale game in the whole world. It has been only 5 years since this game was launched, and it has become the most popular in that time. Why did this game become so popular, why was it surrounded by so many problems and someone is making it again and again? If we compare it with other battle royale games, So the game is most liked. More people have played almost 3 million players simultaneously than in other popular games like Fortnite game. PUBG game is made by Krafton Company, which is in South Korea.

Why is PUBG so popular?

PUBG is a shooter game, which you can play comfortably on mobile. You need a smartphone and a good internet connection to play this game. For this, you do not need to buy any gaming console. Krafton knows that in today’s time everyone has a smartphone and a good internet connection. Keeping this in mind, he made such a game that people who cannot buy a gaming console will be able to enjoy this game comfortably on mobile. Along with this, many tournaments of PUBG games started being organized so that the prize money of the game can be won. In which people want to participate and win prize money. Due to all these reasons, PUBG has become very popular.

Why is it being made again and again in India?

It was first made in India in 2020 when there was some tension on the border between China and India. When the Indian government closed many apps in China. The PUBG game was also included in the same. Now you must be thinking that PUBG belongs to South Korea, so why was it made because of China? So let’s know. China has taken the shares of the Krafton company. Because of this India banned PUBG. After the 2020 PUBG was launched, Krafton launched the game in the name of Battlegrounds India in July 2021. This time Krafton said that all the PUBG servers will remain in India in which the user’s data will not be shared. But the Indian government claimed that Kraft is still giving user data to China. Due to this India also banned Battlegrounds in Aug 2022.

Why Chinese app?

It is a policy of the Chinese government that any app and website that is made in China or any company holds other app shares, So the data of that app and website will have to be shared with the Chinese government. If that app and website do not do this then it is closed. India banned all Chinese apps for this reason so that China does not have access to the data of the users in India. If we talk about PUBG, then some shares of Krafton have been taken by the Chinese company. This means that the data of all the users who have been registered in PUBG is reaching the Chinese government. Because of all this, the Indian government has banned the China app and PUBG.

Alternative to PUBG

PUBG is not the only battle royale game. Apart from this, there are other good battle royale games that you can play in India.

  1. Fortnite
  2. Garena Free Fire.
  3. Call of Duty Mobile
  4. Apex

Apex has just been launched soon. Apex has been launched on 12 July 2022 for Android and iOS. Before this, it came with consoles and Pcs. You can also play the game according to your taste.

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