John Cena is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale


John Cena is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite announced a brand new skin coming to the game, It’s John Cena. He comes out this Thursday, July 28th. He will be in the item shop so we actually get the skin tomorrow

The time is almost now John Cena steps into the Fortnite ring the champ is here as part of the epic SummerSlam 16-time champion. John Cena gives opponents an attitude adjustment in Fortnite.

Outfit Launch date

The John Cena outfit is available in the item shop starting July 28th at 8 pm eastern complete with the entrance gear and ring gear styles.

How to get

You can buy a John Cena outfit Jake in Fortnite Shop. The item shop is more items from the john Cena set the WWE championship title back bling included with the skin. He’s got the shirt off style with the hat on then he’s got the shirt on as well as the hat.

Superstar John Cena drops into Fortnite! The 16 times WWE Champion’s iconic look is coming to the Fortnite Item Shop, letting players don the John Cena Outfit, complete with ‘jorts’ and a ‘Never Give Up’ shirt

Epic Games official blog post

If you’re a fan of John Cena you know that he does throw his hat off when he takes his shirt off he throws it out into the audience. I’m not sure why the hat is on the shirtless style that should be removed. I’m a huge wrestling fan I was the biggest WWE fan ever. A lot of people love John Cena and his icon. you can’t see me in his theme song it’s all awesome and he’s coming to Fortnite.

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