PlayStation Plus Monthly Free Games – PS4 and PS5 – June 2021

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PlayStation Plus Monthly Free Games – PS4 and PS5 – June 2021

Today i’ll be revealing the monthly games playstation plus members can download in june,

before we take a look however keep in mind that playstation 5 owners can access ps4 titles via backwards compatibility

Star Wars Squadrons

First up this month we have the space combat extravaganza star wars squadrons coming to ps plus in june the game that lets you live out your dream of becoming a badass space pilot and if being a badass space pilot is not your dream then you need cooler dreams just look at this star wars squadrons pits teams of five against each other for epic starfighter battles you take part in from the cockpit with ships from the new republic and the imperial fleets taking center stage in this dynamic aerial combat experience.

There’s also a single player narrative if flying solo is more your style too with a whole range of rewards to be earned no matter what way you play climb the ranks for tactical and cosmetic items customise your load-out for the perfect star-fighter and pilot your way through thrilling battles that can change on a lightener’s edge best of all.

Alongside ps4 squadrons can be played entirely in vr to fully immerse yourself in the stars as you zip around in your ship badass space pilot.

Virtua Fighter 5

Sega’s series of arcade fighting games gives us the gift of virtua fighter 5 ultimate showdown on PS4 a glorious remaster of Virtua Fighter 5.

Bringing together hand-to-hand combat distinctive characters and arenas and a whole load of kick-ass moves Virtua Fighter 5 is an iconic entry into the fighting game cannon with ultimate fighter upgrading the experience with online features and hd graphics most excitingly of all.

It releases day one on ps plus.

Operation Tango

Last but not least we have another new game release as PS5 players will be able to download operation tango as part of PS plus this month.

A co-op spy thriller game where high-stakes missions are all just a day’s work combining forces with another player.

The two of you are assigned the roles of agent and hacker the dream team for taking down global threats with each operative benefiting from a unique perspective in game that means working together and verbally communicating effectively are key to solving asymmetrical puzzles.

Where what you see is not the same as what your partner sees both of you will be treated to a wonderfully stylish world though with Operation Tango’s art style a slice of hollywood espionage that serves as the gorgeous bow on this neat little title.

All plus members will be able to download and play Star Wars squadrons and virtua fighter 5 when they enter monthly games on tuesday the 1st of june with playstation 5 members able to take advantage of Operation Tango on that date too.

All will be available for download until the 5th of july except Virtua Fighter 5 which will stick around until the 2nd of august.

All of these games are yours to keep for as long as you remain a plus member and don’t forget PS5 owners with a plus membership can access the Playstation plus collection at any time.

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