April 2021 Playstation plus free game reveal

April 2021 Playstation plus free game reveal

April 2021 Playstation plus free game reveal

As you know, users with PlayStation Plus members get two games to download for the PlayStation 4 console and one game download for the PlayStation 5 console means that 2 PS4 games that are backward compatibility You can play and you get another game to download.Let’s talk about what free games you are getting in April this month.

In April 2021, you are getting to play very good title games. Days Gone and Zombie Army 4. You can download both these games in the PlayStation 4 console, in addition, if you have a PlayStation 5, then you can download both these games and play them for free. Also get a game and free for PlayStation 5 console which is Oddworld: Soulstorm. You can download this game on April 6, yes and it is releasing on the 6th, this means that the day the game is being released, you can download and play it for free on PlayStation 5 console on the same day.

Days Gone

Days Gone is a zombie best game, in which it is shown in the beginning how people get infected, then there is a man in a Deacon St. John who rescues his girlfriend in a helicopter and stays with a friend of his. How he serves in this open world with the zombies, He also need finds his girlfriend whether she is alive or not, then this is the story. It is all shown in this is quite an exciting game, you must play this game.

Zombie Army 4

You, as we know that the Zombie Army 4 is a sniper game, the story in this is that when all the soldiers who were killed in the world war have now turned into zombies, one of them is also Hitler who controls them all. We have to end the zombies in the mission. The X-ray effects is like that. It will be a lot of fun to play it.

If you want to take a PlayStation Plus member ship, then you should take it, its price in India is ₹ 2999 per year, which has been reduced a lot. It has a lot of benefits, you have 100 GB of cloud storage. Get where you can store safe games and at the same time you get to play 2 games for free every month.

You can also watch Days Gone Gameplay Videos on Below URL:



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